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Top Tips for Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor During and After Pregnancy

Updated: 7 days ago

Hands up if you remember to exercise your pelvic floor?☝🏼

In all honesty, I would only remember if someone mentioned it to me. Lucky for me, I teach yoga.😅

Your poor pelvic floor takes quite a battering during pregnancy and no matter how you give birth, it still needs some tlc after.🥰

During pregnancy, our muscles soften and stretch more easily due to your hormones.

Add this to the extra weight of a growing baby and our pelvic floors are going to take some strain.😬

How can I help my pregnancy pelvic floor?

By doing pelvic floor exercises, you help strengthen the muscles and keep them healthy.

This can help improve bladder and bowel control as well as aiding your recovery after birth. 🙌🏻

The best thing is, you can easily exercise your PF as and when you want to, without the expense of a gym membership.😉

Whilst pregnant it's a good idea to begin exercising your PF as soon as you find out your pregnant.🤰🏼

Once baby is born, I always recommend doing them once you feel ready to as it depends on how you birthed your baby and your recovery. 🤱🏼

Everyone recovers as their own pace so go with when you feel ready to start doing them again.😊

Gradually beginning to use the PF muscles again and building your gentle exercises in to part of your routine as a mum.

There are different techniques you can use, so find what works for you and your comfortable doing.😊

Where do you do yours?🤫

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