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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. When should I think about booking any antenatal or pregnancy courses?

Around 20 weeks pregnant is a good time to think about booking any pregnancy courses. This gives you plenty of time before baby is due, so you can feel prepared for their birth.

2. Can my birth partner attend antenatal courses?

All the antenatal courses are created for you and your birth partner to attend, so you can both learn everything there is to know, in a relaxed and friendly class. The only courses that are just for mums are Pregnancy Yoga & Relaxation. 

3. What if we can't make a class?

If this is the case, the more notice you can give the better. If known in advance, we can make alternative arrangements. Either by organising for you to attend the following terms course, if you have time before baby arrives or arranging an online catch up. The online catch up will mean an extra charge.

4. How much do we have to participate in classes?

Classes are relaxed and my priority is that you all feel comfortable whilst you learn. There is no pressure or expectation for everyone to participate and we do not have any role play, just practicing techniques. 

5. Is it too late to start an antenatal or pregnancy course?

The good news is, even if your short on time, you can still attend a shorter antenatal course, like Birth 'n' Go. Learning the essentials to better prepare you over either a day or two sessions. 

You can also come along to pregnancy yoga, even if your due in 6 weeks time. the classes will still be just as beneficial to you.

6. Is there any way to spread the cost of classes?

I am completely aware the cost of classes can add up. Payment does need to be made to book before all classes. There is the option of using PayPal, where you can spread the cost of classes over 3 months, completely interest free. 

7. When should I book baby classes?

To avoid disappointment, try to book as soon as you are ready. Spaces fill quickly and there is a waiting list available. Anyone already in classes always gets priority booking information a week before advertising. 

8. What if we are unwell or unable to attend a baby class?

Please make me aware as soon as you know your not able to attend. I may offer 1 class credit per term for a following term booking but this is given at my discretion. 

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