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About me!

Lauren Pellow Adora Birth & Baby West Malling Kent



I'm Lauren and this is my little business , Adora Birth & Baby, where I offer antenatal, pregnancy and baby classes in West Malling, Kent.

My journey began back in 2018, when I became a trained birth and baby specialist.


From here, I qualified to teach antenatal education, pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing, newborn care, breastfeeding guidance, postnatal yoga, baby massage and baby yoga. Plus I am FEDANT accredited and fully insured to teach. 

My personal experiences of becoming a mother, took two very different paths. My son arrived prematurely in 2011, at 34 weeks, which was a big surprise for us as first time parents and my daughter arrived in 2013, one day past her due date.

During both my labours, there were so many things I was given with little explanation as to why I was being offered them. After not being able to attend any antenatal courses, due to my sons earlier than expected arrival, I was completely reliant on the midwives. 


I look back and know, that I had so many options when it came to my children's births, which I would of known had I managed to attend an antenatal course. 


 This made me realise how valuable antenatal education is and how important it is for parents to have that support before and after their baby arrives. Leading me to provide what I teach now.

So by choosing to come along to an Adora course, whether it's for pregnancy or baby classes, you will be getting not just all my expertise but advice from my own personal experiences in labour, birth and being a parent.

"I did a lot of research into where to undertake antenatal classes and wanted to find something with a personal and non judgemental teacher, which we found in Lauren."

Offering you all guidance and support from a non judgmental place, so you can win at this parenting journey.

After a few years with another provider that was to be no more, I went it alone in 2020 and Adora Birth & Baby was born!


The name Adora means 'gift' in Latin. This is what every baby is to every parent, no matter their journey to get there.   

Being a child of the 80's, Adora is also the name of She-Ra, ultimate women warrior princess, embodying strength and empowerment. Which of course we all are!

Along the way, I have had the privilege of meeting so many parents and babies, each with their own story to tell.

"Lauren's classes are definitely our favourite baby classes to go to. The classes are baby led which takes the stress away of baby and their needs."

Being able to be a part of your journey is something amazing. I wish I could of learnt everything I teach you all, when we were starting our family. 


I'm looking forward to meeting lots more parents to be and new parents with their little ones, as you share your journey with me on Adora Birth & Baby classes.

To start your Adora journey, take a look at the antenatal and pregnancy courses I offer or the wonderful baby classes for you and your little one.

Lauren Pellow and family
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