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Timing is Everything: When and why you should book Your Antenatal Course

Updated: 7 days ago

Your pregnant, Congratulations! Its such an exciting time for you as parents to be. There are so many things to think about when it comes to preparing for your baby.

Will you find out the gender? Will you think ahead and plan names? What colour should you decorate the nursery? Which pram should we buy?

adora antenatal classes west malling - pregnant couple

With so many things to think about, its important not to forget about booking, some antenatal and pregnancy courses. Educating and preparing you for birth and life with a baby.

So to help you decide if Adora Antenatal courses are the right choice for you, here are 5 reasons of why and when, to help......

1. Adora antenatal courses provide you with everything you could possibly want to know when it comes to child birth. All of the courses content is midwife devised, providing you with information from labour, birth to baby. So by the end of your course, you can feel better prepared, ready for your birthing day and to meet your baby.

2. You will learn some amazingly simple techniques that you can use in labour, during your baby’s birth and once baby has arrived. All of these can be used to help you feel in control of your body and birth and help you when you maybe have a wobble. Whether its learning the breathing techniques or how movements and stretches can help your birth progress, to settling your baby.

3. All Adora antenatal courses are provided in a relaxed and supportive way. There is no role play involved, as let's face it, who enjoys role play at these things! So you can sit back and relax whilst I do the work. Everyone can participate as much as they feel comfortable to do so, as we are all different and I just want you to feel comfortable with me, as you learn.

4. Adora antenatal courses are best booked after your 20 weeks pregnant. To avoid disappointment, as courses get booked quickly in advance. You also need to give yourself plenty of time, just in case of any early arrivals. So usually try to book a course that starts around 2-3 months before your due date.

5. Lastly I'm a mum already who has gone through two very different pregnancies and births. Being able to offer my own experiences to further support you during and after your pregnancy. Fully qualified to teach you all and FEDANT registered.

If all of this sounds good to you, make sure to take a look through my Adora birth courses I offer and begin your journey as parents to be today.😊

Perfect if your looking for antenatal courses in West Malling, Maidstone and surrounding areas in Kent.

antenatal courses west malling - pregnant women cradling bump


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