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Maintaining Pregnancy Dental Health: Tips for Healthy Teeth

Updated: 7 days ago

Just another part of pregnancy, for some mummy's to be, is those wonderous pregnancy hormones, causing issues with your oral hygiene.

One of the main issues can be good old gingivitis! This consists of sore, inflamed and sometimes bleeding gums.

Plaque can also build up more easily than you may have found previously, which can also lead to gum problems.

Don't panic though, as by doing a couple of simple things, you can stay on top of your dental health, keeping your teeth and smile looking fabulous all the way through your pregnancy.

How to have healthy dental health during pregnancy

🦷The great news is that whilst your pregnant, your entitled to free dental care, so make sure to get your maternity exemption form. I know finding a good NHS dentist, taking on new patients, is like searching for gold dust but they are out there. Searching the NHS website is a good way to start, as this will list all your local dentists. Try to see your dentist or hygienist regularly for check ups as well, during and after your pregnancy.🙌🏻

🪥We can all be a little negligent when it comes to our teeth (the morning rush and then too tired to brush) but simple dental care can help resolve most issues. Just by simply brushing twice a day plus flossing once a day will help reduce plaque building up. Try to brush for at least 2 minutes to make sure you have cleaned them well. Electric toothbrushes can also take out some of the hard work of brushing.

🦷Watch the sugary snacks and drinks, try to snack on fruit and veg if you can. This can be a tough one for some, especially if your baby has kicked off your sweet tooth whilst pregnant. By reducing the amount of sugary foods you are eating or drinking, you make it easier to keep those teeth cleaner.

🪥If your suffering with pregnancy sickness, rinse your mouth out with just water after and wait a while to brush. This will help prevent further damage to you tooth enamel from any acids left in the mouth.

🦷One of the easiest and best things you can try to do, is gargle warm salty water (as gross as it is🤢) This is really good for reducing gum irritation and aid healing. Just try not to swallow!😉

Keeping your smile glowing and healthy whilst pregnant😊

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