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When Pooping during Labour is Totally Normal (& actually a good thing!)

Something that should be talked about more, when it comes to birth is the fact that yes it is true.........

You will likely poop during your labour!

This may make you feel awkward or embarrassed but pooping during labour is actually very natural and perfectly normal.

You will of probably of heard all sorts of stories, hence why we tend to push this to the back of our mind and pretend it won't happen.

Women in birth - adora birth & baby classes

Why do you poop during labour?

Now if you haven't had a baby before, the most you will have had to push out down there, will be when you need a bowel movement. As you bear down and have contractions, the muscles we use during labour are the same muscles used to poop. So as your body prepares to give birth, with everything soft and relaxed, it is literally impossible to stop yourself from pooping. Especially once your nearing pushing your baby out.

Think of it as natures way of clearing the runway for the main event!

Sometimes it happens due to your baby's position and the extra pressure they are putting on your rectum.

As much as you might not want this to happen, it's pretty much out of your control. Remember as well that your midwives are used to it too. It's a routine of giving birth and is a good sign that you are almost ready to birth your baby.

Plus your midwives are super efficient at removing any mess, no matter where you are labouring, without making any fuss about it even happening. Tip for birthing partners - they do not need to know that they have just pooped! You sharing this information will more than likely not go down well. Don't make a thing out of it and just continue to support them. You can tell them all about it once your baby has arrived.

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You are not alone in this

You need to see pooping during birth as your body doing exactly what it's supposed to do. Helping your baby to arrive safely and efficiently.

Plus once it's happened, you have even more room for your baby's grand entrance into the world.

The joy you will feel once your baby has arrived will completely overshadow any embarrassment you may have felt.

Having that understanding that your body knows what it's doing and it's part of the process. We can't control every aspect so embrace those unpredictable childbirths.

So try to look at pooping during labour as a positive. It means your baby is getting ever closer to being in your arms. Pooping during labour? Totally normal and maybe even a little bit heroic.

At the end of the day, you have triumphed over another hurdle and holding your baby in your arms at the end of all this, makes is absolutely worth it!


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