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Maximizing Comfort: How to Effectively Use a Birth Ball for Pregnancy and Labour

Updated: 7 days ago

For expectant mothers, something so simple, such as the birthing ball can be an absolute game changer, when it comes to your pregnancy and labour.

Buying a birth ball

You don't need to spend a fortune on an expensive birth ball (unless you want to really treat yourself). You can purchase an exercise ball, that are usually fairly priced. You will need one that's the right size for your height, so make sure to check the measurements.

You want to feel stable and comfortable on your birth ball, so make sure you inflate it enough to support you.

Birth ball - antenatal courses west malling maidstone

When can I start using a birth ball?

You can begin to use a birth ball, as and when you feel ready to. Some may want to begin using one early on in pregnancy, whilst others may find them more useful as they grow closer to their due month.

If you experience common concerns such as back aches or pelvic discomfort early on, you can use your birth ball to help. You can gently bounce or make circular movements on the ball. This will help stop any tensions you may be feeling and encourage good flexibility as your pregnancy grows.

As your pregnancy progresses into the second trimester, using a birth ball is great to help build your core muscle strength and balance. Helping your body to prepare for the physical demands of birth but in a gentle exercise routine.

By the third trimester, your birthing ball is a fabulous tool to help ease those discomforts. By gently rocking on the ball, you can relieve any pressure you may be feeling on your lower back. This also can help encourage your baby into a good position, which of course we all want to encourage if we can.

Using a birth ball in labour

Your birth ball may of been helpful in pregnancy but this is where it can play an active role in your labour. Gentle rocking and swaying, whilst sitting on your birth ball, encourages pelvic movement and helps you to feel comfortable during your contractions. If your comfortable, you remain calmer and cope better as your contractions progress.

Did you know that just from sitting on a birth ball and using breathing techniques, helps to reduce your anxiety or stress? Helping you to focus better on your body and your baby and relax. Letting your birthing hormones do what they need to do.

If you find things to intense, moving on the ball can help take the focus away from those ever growing contractions.

The birth ball is a great birthing tool to use during your labour, as it encourages you to benefit from moving and you can easily change positions, whilst using the ball. You don't just have to sit on it, to benefit. You can lean over it and still move and use the support of the ball. Maybe you are finding things more comfortable laying on your side. You can straddle the ball between your knees to allow you to still rock and move plus opening your pelvic space.

So on your journey to motherhood, use your birth ball! It will make so much difference to your pregnancy and labour. Enjoy that bouncy bliss, as you find your rhythm, as you move through your pregnancy and all the stages of your birth.

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