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Do birth breathing techniques really help labour?

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Breathing. Its something we all do everyday. We do it unconsciously, unless someone mentions to breathe.

Other than supplying us with oxygen and keeping us functioning as we should, breathing can have so many benefits, especially in labour!

Firstly we are all lazy breathers, if you tell someone to take a big breath, we all inhale in to our chests. For labour and pregnancy we really want to focus on inhaling in and filling our stomachs. This gets all that lovely oxygen down to where we need it most during labour.

This provides your placenta, uterus and baby with all the oxygen they need, whilst working so hard to help your little one arrive.

By learning how to use breathing techniques, you can help yourself throughout your labour. With different techniques that you can use as and when you need them.

Benefits of birth breathing techniques

Breathing helps you remain calm and focused. Benefiting you as you labour, by helping you to cope with your contractions, not just as they build but also helping you relax your body in between contractions.

The more calmer you are the more your allowing your body and your hormones to work as they need too. Allowing your labour to progress and for you to feel in control.

You can even use your breathing techniques to help breathe your baby out! Discouraging you from purple pushing as you bear down as you birth.

Its also helpful to know breathing techniques are not just for natural deliveries. If your having a planned or unplanned csection ( I really hate this word, so tend to say belly birth), you can still use your breathing techniques.

They will help you remain calm before and during, helping you from feeling anxious or worried.

Breathing techniques in birth are not just for mums to be. Dads to be and birth partners can use these too. By learning everything you've learnt they can be a great support throughout labour.

Encouraging you by breathing with you, reminding you if you have a wobble to use your breathing to refocus yourself. They don't need to even say anything (no mum to be needs a know it all birth partner going on about breathing to you in labour). Just by them breathing how you've been shown and practiced will remind you to breathe.

I can safely say with a knowledge of breathing techniques for labour, you will have a huge benefit. As you prepare and ready yourself for your birthing day.

These and other great birthing techniques can be learnt on the pregnancy courses I offer. Just pop on the website to take a look at Adora Birth, Adora Birth ‘n’ Go and Adora pregnancy yoga & relaxation. Based in West Malling, Kent.

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