Birth Partners

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

So you've got yourself prepared for your babys arrival. You've learnt what you may need to know and feel confident that you know what to do to help yourself.

Part of helping yourself is your birth partner.

For birth partners its not always as you see on TV!(the partner that chills in the corner, advising from afar)

Birth partners can be a huge help during labour and its a lovely thing to have that support during, no matter how your baby makes their arrival.

Encouraging labouring mums to breathe and stay calm and relaxed, by breathing with them. 🙌🏻

Encouraging them to move and feel comfortable. 🙌🏻

Using massage to help mum to be relax and relieve discomfort. 🙌🏻

Using hypnobirthing relaxation scripts to help mum focus and stay positive.🙌🏻

Reassuring her shes doing amazing throughout.🙌🏻

The biggest thing you can do to help is just be there. Being a part of your little ones birth, supporting mum throughout, holding her hand and feeding her food and drink to keep her energy up, she will appreciate everything. Even if at the time it dosnt appear that way. (If they need to vent at you, suck it up and take it, they don't mean it😉).

So whoever your birth partner is, there is always some way for them to be there for you as you bring your new baby in to the world🥰.

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