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Your role as a Birth partner in labour.

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

So you've got yourself prepared for your babys arrival. You've learnt what you may need to know and feel confident that you know what you can do to help yourself, during labour.

Part of helping yourself is by having your birth partner by your side.

This can be, whoever you want present and supporting you when your baby arrives.

Birth partners can be a huge help during labour and it’s a lovely thing to have that support during, no matter how your baby makes their arrival.

So how can we help as a Birth partner?

By learning about the birth process. Some birth partners may feel they won’t need to know what’s going to happen during labour but actually it’s so beneficial for them as well as the birthing mother. It means they have knowledge of what happens in labour and birth, which means they can better support the labouring mum. Who needs them the most at this important time. 🙌🏻

During antenatal courses, you can learn all about the different breathing techniques and how they can benefit a mum in labour, as different stages of her labour. Encouraging labouring mums to breathe, stay calm and relaxed, by breathing with them. Helping her to stay in control and cope better with her increasing contractions or help her cope whilst they set up pain relief, etc. 🙌🏻

Knowing about the benefits of movement and the positions they are in. Encouraging them to move and feel comfortable. Helping them better focus on coping with their contractions and birth. 🙌🏻

Who doesn’t love a massage? Massage can be a great tool to help mums to relax and relieve some of the discomfort she may be feeling, as her labour progresses. Very simple massages can be so beneficial and it is another great way to let your partner know your there and trying to help. 🙌🏻

Hypnobirthing allows you to learn how to use relaxation scripts, to help mum focus and keep calm. For some mums to be, the sound of their birth partner reading the scripts, encourages them even more and offers the support she needs to keep going. 🙌🏻

Reassure, reassure, reassure and reassure some more! You are their cheerleader! you cannot do this enough during labour. It helps birthing mums to know they are doing amazing and helps her not to give up, when she’s doing so well or maybe having a moment of worry.🙌🏻

Offer drinks and snacks and even some entertainment. Labour and birth can be a long proces sometimes, so helping mum to keep her energy levels up is really beneficial and lets face it, we all need some light entertainment at times. It’s helps pass the time and takes your mind off what’s happening. Just pick the right time to crack a joke or two🙌🏻😉.

Lastly, birth partners are a birthing mothers bodyguard. Some mums to be, may feel a little vulnerable during birth, so if you can tell she’s not happy with something being discussed or that is happening, don’t be afraid to talk to the midwives and voice hers and your concerns, so they and you can make sure your all on the same page. 🙌🏻

The biggest thing you can do to help is just be there. Being a part of your little ones birth, supporting mum throughout. She will appreciate everything. Even if at the time it dosnt appear that way. (If they need to vent at you, suck it up and take it, they don't mean it😉).

So whoever your birth partner is, there is always some way for them to be there for you as you bring your new baby in to the world🥰.

If your keen to Support your birth partner feel more prepared for the day your baby arrives, make sure to come along to one of the antenatal courses I offer.

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