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Understanding the Sensitivity of Smell During Pregnancy

Updated: May 20

Suddenly you feel like you can smell absolutely everything!🤭

Not like normal, like 10x the strength you normally can smell things. 🐕☕🌻🚽

Some things you never even noticed had a smell!🤔

Some women during pregnancy experience something called Hyperosmia.

This is a heightened sensitivity to smell in pregnancy, caused by your pregnancy hormones.

The problem is not all smells are nice, even more so when your pregnant.🤢

I had this with both my pregnancies and I still have it now around my cycles. Suddenly everything smells so strong, I can even smell things that I'm not sure are even there!

This can mean during pregnancy that you might be suffering more from nausea and sickness, as certain smells that never used to bother you, suddenly make your stomach turn.😫

During my second pregnancy I was super sentive to the smell of cooked cheese! I couldn't stand it and the smell was awful, which wasn't great when a lot of my sons food at the time was a combination of foods with cooked cheese in.🧀🤢🤮

How to survive being sensitive to smell in pregnancy

🤧If your suffering with increased sensitivity to smells in pregnancy, you can try using some scented oils that you enjoy, on a handkerchief in your bag to rescue you when needed.

😷Avoid if you can cooking with foods that are making you more nauseous.

😌Chewing gum can be a life saver as the minty smell helps.

🌲If you like some fabric freshener sprays these can be handy round the home too.

Did you find you couldn't stand certain smells whilst pregnant? If you've got any amazing remedies feel free to share 😉

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