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Is Pregnancy Yoga Right for You? The Best Time to Get Started

Updated: 7 days ago

What does pregnancy yoga involve?

Pregnancy yoga is perfect for mums to be, that still want to enjoy exercises that are more gentle on them and their body.

Using gentle stretches and movements your able to maintain your strength and stretch out your muscles. Easing any aches you may be suffering with whilst pregnant.

With this we breathe. Breathing exercises whilst using the movements, encourage you to slow down and relax.

Allowing you to really enjoy this well deserved time for you.

pregnancy yoga classes west malling - Adora pregnancy yoga class

So What are the benefits of pregnancy yoga?

  1. The yoga movements and stretches are good for relieving pregnancy related symptoms such as heartburn or constipation.

  2. Everything helps improve muscle tone and muscle memory, flexibility and encourages the circulation.

  3. The movements you learn can be really beneficial in labour. Certain positions and movements can help slow down or speed labour along.

  4. The movements are also a great way to help cope with your contractions as they build towards birth.

  5. Breathing whilst moving encourages lots of oxygen down to baby, placenta and your uterus, well needed when in labour.

  6. Just by breathing your helping yourself remain calm and relaxed, letting your body do what it needs too.

  7. Its a great way for mums to be to enjoy some well needed relaxation. Time for them and their baby bump.

  8. It’s also great for helping you to fully unwind and can improve your sleep, so you can feel refreshed and ready for another week.

When can I start pregnancy yoga?

A good time to start looking into attending a pregnancy yoga class, is usually around 20 weeks in to your pregnancy.

Everyone is different though, so if you feel your keen to join a class sooner, you can from around 12weeks, once you’ve had you first scan. This gives you even more opportunity to benefit from the classes before baby arrives.

As the pregnancy progresses, you will really feel the benefits of everything you are doing and learning. Something pregnant mums can look forward to every week, leading up to birth.

If you're keen to join a pregnancy yoga course, make sure to book Adora pregnancy yoga & relaxation steps online course, plus now offering a free taster course to try before you buy!

pregnancy yoga west malling - pregnant women in pregnancy yoga class


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