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Your Postnatal recovery

Updated: Mar 6

Congratulations! You are new parents! As you embrace the joys of parenthood, it's easy to not prioritize you and your postnatal recovery. So here's some ways to support your journey through the fourth trimester.

Mum and baby

1. Your Self-Care

- Use simple yet effective self-care routines to pamper yourself in both body and mind.

- As tricky as getting some rest can be, once you have yourself a sleep thief, try to rest and get some shut eye as and when you can. You will feel better for it.

2. Nourish your postnatal body

- Explore a postnatal diet that fuels recovery and supports breastfeeding.

- Learn about essential nutrients for postpartum healing.

3. Gentle Exercise

- Gradually introduce postpartum exercises to rebuild your core strength but only when you feel ready to. Postnatal yoga or pilates are great forms of exercise to start with.

- Understand the importance of pelvic floor exercises in your recovery, aiding your pelvic floors recovery no matter how you gave birth.

4. Emotional Well-being

- Postnatally, your hormones can play havoc with your emotions and this is normal. Take it easy on yourself on those days that are tougher than others.

- Don't be afraid to ask for help, no matter who it is. Most people have been there and are happy to support you when needed.

5. Taking care of your mental health

- Chat with your healthcare professional for postpartum check-ups and support.

- Consider the benefits of postnatal massage and physical therapy, to better help your recovery after pregnancy and birth.

6. Time Management

- Be realistic with your goals, give yourself some room to change things if needs be.

- Create a manageable routine that allows for self-care and baby bonding but only if this helps you. Routines are not for everyone!

7. Community

- Join postnatal support groups to share experiences and advice.

- Build a network of fellow parents for mutual encouragement, from attending baby groups or joining parent group apps.

Mums and babies socialising at groups

Remember, postnatal recovery is a unique journey for every parent. By prioritizing your self-care, seeking support, and embracing this thing called parenthood, you are encouraging your postnatal recovery, one step at a time.

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