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How Tummy Time Can Benefit Your Baby's Development

Updated: 7 days ago

Ahhh tummy time😌

Some babies love their tummy time, seeing the world a different way and being able to explore what’s in front of them.🥰

Some babies hate tummy time with a passion! Struggling to hold their heads and often face planting the floor, leading to a frustrated upset bubs.😫

The reason why tummy time is encouraged though is because it helps your baby develop their motor skills they will need down the road of crawling.👶🏻

This also helps them build the muscles they will need to use in the head, neck and upper body to lift and hold their heads and push themselves up, ready for crawling.

Plus laying on their backs all the time can cause flat spots on their heads so this helps encourage that not to happen.

🤔So what can you do to encourage some Baby tummy time?

Especially if your little one moans the moment they are moved into this position?🤦🏻‍♀️

🧸🪞Encourage your baby by playing with toys, encouraging baby to start trying to work out how to grab them in this position.

😊Propping your baby up using a pillow under their chest and arms may help especially if baby is struggling to support their head.

😉Laying your baby on their tummy across your legs(which we do in baby steps massage) helps your baby feel supported and you can distract them with toys to look at beside you.

💦If your feeling brave lay baby on your chest and interact with them in this position, just remember the muslin for any dribble or the occasional baby puke!

Remember if they are really not enjoying it, just try for a few minutes each time, allowing baby to build up to longer time on their tums.

Did your baby enjoy their tummy time or not?🙂

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