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Unlocking the Benefits of Baby Yoga: How it Supports Your Baby's Development

Updated: May 20

Baby yoga is created especially for your baby. Making sure everything you do with them has lots of benefits on their developmental needs at their age.😊

What does Baby Yoga involve?

Baby yoga is different from the yoga we as adults might do.

The movements are gentle and we encourage baby to stretch.

From 4 months old babies will begin to get ready to roll over and eventually crawl.

From 8 months onwards most babies are on the move in some form, whether its crawling, GI Jo army crawling or even bum shuffling!

Also preferring usually to be up on their legs, so we can use the baby yoga to encourage baby to take those first exciting step, as baby becomes ready to do so.

This is done with lots of songs, making it fun for everyone.

There's also some stretching and moving about for parents, helping you to get moving with your little one too.😉

Adora baby yoga classes west Malling - mum and baby in baby yoga class

What's the benefits of baby yoga?

Baby yoga isn't just about encouraging that next developmental stage for baby.

It's about baby enjoying that time with their parent and having fun!

Babies are all individual, they will do these things as and when they are ready.

Sometimes before 8 months babies are well on the move crawling. Sometimes by almost one their not crawling but moving towards standing on their own already.

They will move at their own pace, there is no right or wrong.

Baby yoga is great for relieving trapped wind or constipation as the leg movements encourage anything trapped to escape. Helping things move along if baby is getting uncomfortable.☺

Its great for mobilising the hips, as we move baby. Building strength and flexibility. Which again helps baby with all that moving around they will be doing.

Baby yoga encourages a sense of where their body is and how its connected. As they begin to learn to coordinate their arms and legs.

It helps baby have a sense of balance as well as they move from laying on the floor to wanting to be more upright.

Not forgetting working both sides of the brain as they learn to move arms and legs together.

Being repetitive, baby knows what to expect and has lots of fun with their parent as they recognise the songs with the baby yoga movements.🙂

Baby yoga is great fun and everything you learn you can easily begin to repeat at home with your baby, so they can enjoy all those benefits.🥰

Adora Baby Yoga class West Malling Maidstone
Adora Baby yoga

If your keen to bring your little one along for some baby yoga take a look on the website at Adora Yoga Tootsies & Adora First Steps Yoga, based in West Malling, Kent.

Baby yoga west malling - mum and baby in baby yoga class


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