All the colours of the baby poop rainbow!🌈💩

Updated: Mar 18

How can someone so small make so much poop?!😳

As a parent of a baby, poop can become a little obsessive due to the number of nappies you end up changing.

🖤As a newborn you will notice that babys poop is blackish to dark green and resembles tar. This is meconium made from what baby swallowed whilst in the uterus. This will pass over the first few days.

💛After a few days if baby is being breastfed, their poop will change to a grainy mustard colour and can be quite loose.

🤎If baby is formula fed you may notice a darker colour and firmer poops. Sorry but these tend to be the smelly ones too.

Then when you introduce solids this is whole other change once more. With darker and more solid poop with a few different shades thrown in depending on what baby has eaten.

Occasionally you can get some odd looking and an array of colours of poop. If your ever concerned, always contact your GP. As long as baby is healthy and happy dont stress too much.

Baby poop changes as your little one grows and not forgetting the occasional poonami! Make sure to keep spare clothes with you especially when your out and about, just in case.😉 Why is it always when your in the car or supermarket? 😩

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