ADORA Birth Antenatal Courses

Adora Birth antenatal courses provide you with antenatal courses that will allow you to feel educated, prepared, confident and positive towards your baby's birth. 


Provided in a friendly and relaxed class, there is a course to suit every parent to be, whether this is your first, second or third baby.


Offering support on your new journey as parents no matter what your birthing choices. 


Adora Birth

Everything you need to know, all in one antenatal course.

Perfect for first time parents preparing themselves when it comes to birth.

Allow yourself to feel confident, positive and most importantly, supported.

£190 for 10hr course over 5 weeks

Adora Hypnobirth

Hypnobirthing allows you to learn methods and techniques to encourage you to relax and prepare for your birth.

Feel in control when it comes to your labour.

£80 for 4hr course over 2 weeks. This is an add on course.

Adora Pregnancy Yoga & Relaxation

Perfect for mums to be to unwind and relax.

Each week we move, we breathe, we relax and we chat.

Some well deserved you and bump time.

£72 for 6 week course

Adora Birth 'n' Go

If your short on time or are looking for a refresher antenatal course, then this is the course for you.

All your essentials in one class.

£100 for a 4hr course

Adora Parent Prep

Prepare and ready yourself by learning all about your new baby.

Practical newborn techniques and support for those early days.

£40 for a 2hr course

Adora Breastfeeding

For those mums to be that would love to try and breastfeed, this course helps you learn all there is to know.

£50 for a 2hr course

Adora 1:1

If you would prefer to arrange a 1:1 session for any Adora antenatal courses please get in touch via my contacts page.

This can be provided as a home visit or online.