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Top Tips for Enjoying Stress-Free Beach Trips with Your Baby

Updated: 7 days ago

Summer is here! 🙌

Those gorgeous sunny days often mean those high temperatures too!🥵

Escaping the heat usually means a day at the beach for most.


It’s always fun with your little ones as they love to explore the sand and the water. Learning how to build sand castles and fill their buckets with water.

They also love to eat the sand, get a tonne of sand in their nappies and every crease of their body due to copious amount of suncream we have covered them in. 😱

Sandy nappies are also a lovely treat to look forward too.😬

Beach trips are so much fun but sometimes there are some great mum hacks you can use to make your beach trip a little less stressful when you have a baby or small person to look after.😉

Tips for those baby beach trips.

😊Talcum powder is your best friend for removing sand. Just a small dust on the skin helps the sand fall off so you can have a sand free car trip home.

😎Taking a fitted bed sheet, you can weigh down each corner so it forms a baby proof playpen for your crawling explorer so they can still have fun but give you a break from chasing them round the beach.

⛺Sun tents are great especially if you want somewhere cool for baby to nap, feed or play.

😋Chill or freeze some food or snacks for older babys as they will help keep baby cool.

🍼If your baby is formula fed, pick up some cartons of formula saving you taking too much with you, as let's face it, you normally seem to take loads with you (or at least i do!).

💩For older little ones that are potty training, take a travel potty, keeping everything contained to take home.

😉For all those sandy buckets and spades, use a mesh bag to take them home in. That way you can easily shake the sand out and leave the beach where it should be.

Feel free to share any tips you've found to be helpful when visiting the beach😊

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