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How to Soothe Your Baby's Teething Discomfort: Tips and Tricks

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Their fingers in their mouth, whole hands in their mouth, your finger in their mouth, any object they can grab and fits or doesn’t fit in their mouth, drool, drool and more dribble than should be physically possible for such a small person!😳

Yes I’m talking about all those little teethers out there if you hadn’t already guessed!🦷

From when they cut that first tooth to when they cut that last one, teething is going to suck some days.😩Baby gets miserable as their gums can get irritated, it can be uncomfortable for them, they can end up dribbling like crazy due to their saliva glands kicking up a gear and then the extra dribble can mean some delightfully loose and explosive nappy’s!

I knew when every tooth was on it’s way with my son, lots of sleepless nights, lots of dribble and he used to look like a little garden gnome as his cheeks would always go bright red.😳

My daughter never suffered as much as her older brother, she just seemed to get on with it. I remember being shocked when the dentist said she had cut her back molars already as I expected it to be the same as her brother.🙌🏻

It’s different for all baby’s, from when they cut their first tooth to how they get on with teething.

Eventually 20 baby teeth will be present, anywhere from 6months to almost 3 years old. Some baby’s are even born with them already there!😱

Tips to help with baby teething

❄️Cold teethers kept in the fridge are great for helping soothe those sore, irritated gums.

🥕🍎Older baby’s from 6 months can have raw fruit or veg, from the fridge as well, to chew on.

😌If your baby is really miserable, some infant calpol or ibuprofen can help take the edge off for them, especially if they are running a bit of a temperature from teething too.

👉🏼👶🏻Rubbing the gums with your finger or small finger circles on the top and bottom of the cheeks can help relieve the irritation of teething gums.

👅🌊💦Get plenty of quality dribble bibs and plenty of cloths to dry baby’s chin, as yes teething makes babies extra dribbly. Meaning lots of wet clothes if not protected by a dribble bib.

🤤If suffering with dribble rash use a barrier cream like petroleum jelly to allow the skin to heal if it’s beginning to get sore.

Feel free to share any handy teething tips parents, that you’ve found work well 😉

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