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Adora Breastfed Steps Online Course

  • 210Days
  • 32Steps
Breastfeeding baby/ online breastfeeding course


An online, self paced, breastfeeding course, allowing you to understand how you can succeed and feel confident when it comes to choosing to breastfeed your baby. Not many people realise there is so much to know about breastfeeding. They assume it's something that happens naturally for new mothers. It's like learning to drive a car! It's a new skill that if we learn, we will succeed at it so much better. There are so many benefits to breastfeeding and even though it's a natural way to feed your baby, it's not always as easy as we might of hoped. Learning how to breastfeed, can mean the difference between you knowing the hurdles you may come across and how to overcome them, instead of walking away from your breastfeeding journey sooner than you would of liked. So whether you choose to breastfeed for a day, a week, a month or several months, This breastfeeding online course will help support you on your journey with your baby. From 20 weeks pregnant is good time to book this course. With video demonstrations and downloadable notes. You will have access to it for 30weeks so you have plenty of time to learn, refresh your memory nearer the time and use after. Plus book Nuture steps online package, including this course plus parent prep steps online and get parent prep steps for half price!

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