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The Benefits of Baby Massage: From Bonding to Better Sleep

Updated: 7 days ago

Lots of parents love the benefits of baby massage and the routines that you learn are easily replicated at home. 🙌🏻

Becoming a lovely part of your regular routine, as something you and your baby enjoy together.🥰

Showing your baby positive touch, helping your baby to relax and feel calmer as they love that bonding time with you.

So what’s the benefits of Baby Massage?

Firstly baby massage can be great at promoting sleep so you can include massage to your baby's bedtime routine. Either before or after a bath, it's up to you and what works best for your baby.😴

Its great for helping your baby wind down and relax before bedtime with the soothing strokes. ( Beware of daddy's hyping baby up right as you've managed to settle them, daddy's are great at this!).😆

Baby massage is great for encouraging your baby to stretch out and uncurl from their little tucked up legs to their tightly grasped fingers. Everything encourages your baby to learn their body is connected and encourages the integration of their baby reflexes, which they were born with.

It stimulates the circulation and improves your baby's immune system, by encouraging the blood flow round the body.

Certain massages can even relieve symptoms your baby might have too.

Tummy massage is great for relieving colic, trapped wind and constipation. Keeping everything moving, great for when they are having some tummy issues, that are causing them discomfort.

Simply massaging the toes can help relieve your little ones sinuses if their coldy and teething. As well as massaging the face to get those itchy teething gums that are driving baby mad.😌

Plus your baby absolutely loves that one on one time with you! They love having your uninterrupted attention, making baby massage a lovely bonding moment between your baby and you.

Of course everyone has those tickly spots, so if you find there's a particular spot where baby gets a bit squirmy or isn't enjoying it, miss that part out.

There are plenty of baby massage oils available so use what your comfortable with. I usually prefer to use fractioned unscented coconut oil, which is lovely on baby's skin plus keeps your hands soft too.😉

So enjoy massaging your little one, having that lovely one on one time, just you and them😊.

If your interested in finding out more about the Baby Massage classes I offer in West Malling, Kent, make sure to take a look at the dates.

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