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Relieving leg cramps in pregnancy!

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

It's hard enough some nights to get a good nights rest whilst pregnant.😣🥱

Between trying to get comfortable and constant toilet trips, the last thing you want is to have to fly out of bed as your leg is cramping too!😖

Sometimes even your foot as well!!!!

Leg cramps can be common in pregnancy.

The extra weight of baby can put a strain on your leg muscles and more pressure on the blood vessels travelling to your legs.🤰🏼

Tiredness doesn't help either or sometimes it might be your lacking certain vitamins such as calcium or magnesium.

Not drinking enough doesn't help either.

I know, the joys of pregnancy 🙄!

How can I help my pregnancy leg cramps?

🍶Drink plenty throughout the day, even drinking whilst you have a cramp can help the muscle relax.

🦵🦶Stretch your leg and foot muscles during the day and before bed and try to move around. Stretching and rocking the foot during a cramp, whilst massaging the muscle will help too.

🛀🧊Heat can help the cramp quickly, so a heat pad or warm bath may help. Ice or something cold will also help relieve the pain too.

🍌🥑Increasing certain foods can help reduce cramp also. Foods like bananas, avocados, potatoes and leafy greens will help.

🧴Magnesium spray is good too as it's absorbed into the muscle fairly quickly, helping ease the cramp or preventing it from happening.

So if your feeling the twinge of cramps in your legs during the night, there's plenty of ways for you to reduce how often they happen and ease them too.🤞🏻😉

Giving you more chance of that well needed rest 😌 😴.

Pregnancy leg cramps - pregnancy classes maidstone

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