Taking care of your baby's teeth!

Once your baby's teeth are starting to appear, it's good to get your little one into a routine of looking after them.

Encouraging good oral health and healthy smiles as they grow.🥰

So being that I was a dental nurse for umpteen years I thought I would share some tips about giving your little one the best start when it comes to looking after those toothy pegs.😉

🦷Your baby will eventually have 20 baby teeth and these can begin to arrive anywhen from around 6months old (sometimes earlier) and should all be through by the age of 3 years old.

🪥You can begin to brush their teeth as soon as the first tooth has appeared.

🦷You can start with a finger brush if easier and then move to a soft baby toothbrush.

🪥Some babies are reluctant to let you brush their teeth, in which case just let them get used to you brushing their teeth.

🦷Start once a day and then add it to their routine so that eventually you brush twice a day.

🪥You can start with just a wet toothbrush and once baby is used to it, start using a very small smear of baby tooth paste, helping keep the teeth clean.

🦷It's also good to help get your baby used to having checks at the dentist. So get your baby registered with your dentist and when you next have a check up, book your baby in for one too.

🪥Remember some days their gums might be sore from teething, so just go gently if you think their gums are tender.

🦷Don't forget you can make toothbrushing a fun task, by playing or singing songs, distracting baby whilst you brush.

Giving your baby the best start when it comes to looking after their teeth🥰😉

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