Surviving Daylight Savings with a baby!

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Its that time again, (excuse the pun)🤭

Daylight Savings are upon us once more.

Daylight savings can really throw a spanner in the works, when you are starting to get into some sort of routine with your baby.

You may find it dosnt affect your baby too much, whilst for other babies they will soon let you know they are feeling a bit grumpier than normal😬

Heres some tips to soften the blow.....

🤏🏻Adjust their routine by small time amounts, so you can edge them towards their slightly altered routine gradually rather than in one change.

😴Keep to your babys regular routine at bedtime, with a bath, story, etc. So they still know this is the time to settle down.

🤔You may find just encouraging baby in to the different time routine is easier in one go. Baby might be a bit out of sorts for a few days but will adjust to their new timings quicker.

😉Be prepared for slightly earlier or later wake ups as baby dosnt know that the times have changed. Try to get an earlier night yourself if you can so your not feeling it the next day.

☀️🌜Gro clocks are a god send for toddlers, I used these for way longer than I should of with both my kids. They help your youngster learn that if the sun isn't up on the clock, its not time to get up yet and rewards help reinforce this.

Finally dont stress too much about it. You may have a slightly tricky week with your baby but they will adjust to their new routine and its only changed by an hour. Plan a chilled week for you all 😌

Any tips you might have feel free to share😊

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