ADORA Baby Postnatal Courses

Adora Baby classes are a lovely way to start your exciting new journey with your little one. 

All the classes are created with your baby's needs in mind. Completely baby led and each class grows with your baby and you. 

They are also a great chance for you to meet other mums and their little ones so you feel supported by them and by me. 

Adora Baby Steps

The perfect start to your new journey with your new baby.

A relaxed and baby led class offering support from me and other mums.

Learning what you might expect over the first few months

£63 for a 6 week term

Suitable from birth to 3 months old.

Adora Baby Massage

Learn a lovely baby massage routine with lots of benefits for your baby.

A little each week so its not too much for your baby in one go.

With some songs and fun as baby grows.

£63 for a 6 week term

Suitable from 6 weeks to 5 months old

Adora Yoga Tootsies

Using gentle stretches and movements to begin encouraging your baby to crawl.

All done with lots of songs and fun

£55 for a 6 week term

Suitable from 4/5 months to crawling

Adora First Steps Yoga

The next stage up from Adora Yoga Tootsies, for older babies who are getting ready to take those all important first steps.

A fun and lively class with songs and fun

£55 for a 6 week term

Suitable from 8 months to walking